• he ZMV4 telescopic handle extends from 220cm to 400cm through 5 stages. The lightweight aluminium construction means it is sturdy when extended and easier to handle at height and the PVC sleeve makes it comfortable to hold. The 4m fully extended length means you can keep your feet firmly on the ground when carrying out tree care at height. The ZMV4 telescopic handle provides the additional height when needed and the easy-to-use release button allows you to securely lock in and remove the chosen tool head, enabling you to swap attachments in seconds. This Professional Pruning Saw features a branch hook, bark scratcher and reusable blade cover. The saw blade is curved to enable effortless, powerful sawing which helps to prevent bacterial infestation, whilst the specially designed �push and pull� teeth maximise cutting performance. This tool also comes equipped with a safety clip which prevents accidental release when working in trees. The 2-in-1 nature of this tool allows you to prune easy to reach branches at head height as well as far away branches at the top of trees when used with a telescopic handle. The saw has an ergonomically shaped handle and built in adapter for multi-change handles.

WOLFGARTEN Planting Trowel

    • Energy saving professional sawing of even thick branches in high trees particularly in the pulling mode
    • The integrated professional branch hook prevents the saw from being unintentionally pulled out of the cut and the bark cutter prevents cracks and splits in the bark
    • All multi star handles as well as the WOLF Garden Vario Handles can be fitted making work at heights up to 5.70 m an easy matter. With its handle the Power cut saw pro 370 tree saw is easy to use as a handsaw for all sawing tasks on the ground and at accessible heights
    • Contains 1 x Power cut saw pro 370 Wolf-Garten Pruning Saw for pruning at Ground level Branches Every product in the WOLF-Garten multi-change collection is manufactured in Germany to the highest of engineering standards
    • Specially Designed Japanese Self Sharpening Teeth Saw blade -Special teeth 36 cm Curved Swedish Steel Blade Smooth,

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