• Wolf garten multi star fruit basket / picker with handle rg-m + zm-v4 good for use in home garden, small farms. Quality adjustable fruit picker, for picking fruit from high branches while keeping your feet on the ground part of the multi-change tree care without a ladder range a gentle pull and the fruit drops into the strong collection bag can reach up to 5.7 metres off the ground when used with multi-change telescopic handles the best multi-change tree care without a ladder tool is this the premium quality, adjustable fruit picker. It enables you to reach fruit from even the highest of branches whilst keeping your feet firmly on the ground, when used with handle provided. A durable fruit bag is attached to an adjustable neck that can be altered to reach fruit at different angles. Simply place the serrated neck of the fruit picker around the stalk of the fruit, pull gently and the fruit drops into the collection bag. A built-in knife in the centre of the serrated edge of the bag allows you to tackle even thick, stubborn stems. As part of the unique multi-change system, this tool head should be used with provided 4 meter telescopic handle and literally 'click' the fruit picker onto the handle to lock it into place. Attaching the head and handle takes seconds and when interlocked, you can be sure of a secure and safe working tool that offers an unbeatable performance. Furthermore, because you are using a telescopic handle, you can keep your feet firmly on the ground at all times- much safer than attempting to climb a ladder to pick your fruit! you can remove the fruit picker tool head by pressing the release button found on the upper part of the handle and swap it for any other tool head in the collection. This multi-change tree care without a ladder system allows you to switch from picking fruit to lopping to cleaning high reach windows- all the while using the same handle so saving storage space, effort and money!

Wolf-Garten Multi Star Fruit Basket/Picker with Handle RG-M + ZM -V4

    • Fruit picker
    • Grabs fruit stems without harming fruit
    • 180 adjustable head
    • Knife blade at the front, cuts even the stubborn stems
    • Comes With Telescopic Vario handle ZM V4

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