The Galcon 9001 is the perfect alternative to watering by hand. When combined with a Drip Irrigation System. This long life, high quality Hose End (tap timer) Irrigation controller. Can be used to automate the watering of your landscape and potted plants. Easy to install and simple to program, the 9001 Hose End (tap timer) Irrigation controller is durable and equipped with a large LCD screen and large user interface buttons make programming a quick and easy task. The 9001 Hose End (tap timer) Irrigation controller. Allows you to irrigate by day of the week or every day of the week. Four start times per day can be programmed to irrigate from 1 minute to 12 hours. A manual operation button is a great way to run water on demand. A great water savings feature is the single press rain delay button that pauses irrigation when you see that rain is very likely. Press the same button again to allow irrigation when the rain passes. A better water savings feature is to order the 9001 with the available Rain Sensor loop (GAH2S6912S5) which lets you connect a Normally Closed Rain Sensor (not included). The 9001 Hose End (tap timer) Irrigation controller is easy to install, on the inlet side you simply attach the any hose bib while on the outlet side you use a hose thread adapter to connect your irrigation system. We recommend the use of an Anti-Siphon device (not included) with any of our hose end products. Please check with your local water purveyor to see if the use of Anti-siphon device (not included) is required. The 9001 is available in multiple models, each offering unique features: GAH2S6912PB - Four Start times, 1 minute - 12 hour duration, daily/weekly programming. GAH2S6912S5 - Four Start times, 1 minute - 12 hour duration, daily/weekly programming, Rain Sensor Loop

Galcon 9001D Hose End Tap Timer with Programmable LCD Display

    • Simply attach to a hose bib on one end and a drip line on the other and you are good to go
    • Easy to program with 6 large buttons
    • Manual operation and rain delay buttons
    • Weekly or daily programming with 4 start times per day
    • package include: 1 piece

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