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Updated: Sep 4, 2019

Silent Features

  1. Made In Japan Lawn Mower

  2. Available In 5 Different Model Ranging From 13hp To 23 Hp

  3. Equipped With Powerful Honda And Kawasaki Engines

  4. Cutting Width: 820 Mm To 980 Mm

  5. Cutting Height: 10 Mm To 85 Mm

  6. Speed: Forward-0 ~ 14km/H

  7. Backward-0 ~ 10km/H

  8. HST Transmission Enables To Choose The Various Working Speed

  9. Durable Gear Transmission

  10. Equipped With Differential Gear And Differential Lock

  11. Equipped With Sheet Suspension System

  12. Strong Knife Cover With Special Steel Material

  13. Machine Embedded With Safety Features

  14. Ease In Operation For Lawn And Dense Grass Cutting For Both Agriculture And Landscape

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