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Silent Features

1. Made In France-Aro Pro 55p C3

2. Equipped With Powerful 5.5 Bhp Pubert Petrol Engine

3. 6 Tines@320 Mm(4 Monobloc Tines+2 Additional Tines+ Discs)

4. Gearbox:2 Gears Forward+1 Reverse With Steel Sprockets

i. 1st Gear-60 To 80 Rpm

ii. 2nd Gear-140 To 160 Rpm

5. New Belt Tension Clutch With Cable Set For Life

6. Machine Weighs 55kg With Heavy Duty Chassis

Transmission with

8. Machine Is Provided With Foldable And Height As Well As Lateral Adjustable Handlebar

9. Equipped With Transmission By Chain,Dismountable And Greased

10. Foldable Front Wheel Give Ease Of Transportation

11. The Depth Of Tines Is Adjustable According To Crop Agronomy

12. Ease In Operation

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